Terms & Conditions

Ruby Cleaning has terms and conditions when it comes to payments and liability that you must agree to as soon as you have accepted our quotation.

Our terms and conditions are as follows –

• Full agreeable payment must be made before any work will be carried out, this may be done via – cash, direct debit or PayPal which you can access on our website. (No cheques are accepted). If another payment option is better (payment after completion) then there will be a £10 daily charge if full payment is not made within 7 days.
• There will be cancellation charges if you accept our quotation and are booked in for work then cancel the work to be carried out; this cancellation fee is £50.
• We are not liable for any damage to furniture following a carpet clean as all furniture should be moved prior to work to allow full access.
• When carrying out our kitchen cleaning service we cannot ensure that every single bit of grease and carbon will be removed, as despite our best efforts, equipment and chemicals if you fail to follow the guidelines of how frequent your commercial kitchen system should be cleaned then we cannot ensure immaculate results. Also materials such as aluminium is harder to clean as not all chemicals are compatible with this metal.
• We are also not liable for loss of efficiency of kitchen systems if you are needing to update, repair or renew your system.
• Once we have agreed on what work will be carried out and the cost of that work any additional cleaning that you ask for will be added to the original price.