Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is at the heart of Ruby Cleanings business with over thirty years of experience. Here at Ruby Cleaning we fully understand how important it is to have a clean working environment as its not only good for first impressions to clients and new staff members but cleanliness plays a huge role in the health and safety of employees, as the leading cause of staff absences in the workplace is due to injury caused by slips and trips .Illness due to poor hygiene in the workplace also contributes to employee absences, this is because viruses, flu and other germs will stay on unsanitary surfaces such as benches, desks, keyboards, phones, and other office equipment leading to cross contamination, therefore it is paramount to take cleanliness serious which Ruby Cleaning fully understands therefore our cleaning standards are very high .A cluttered desk will decrease concentration as a cluttered desk will make you focus on too many things at once increasing stress levels , also a tidy and clean desk will allow employees to work more productively as scattered documents will slow work down. Ruby Cleaning will have your office space looking pristine increasing work ethic and reducing staff illnesses, slips and trips. As part of our office cleaning service we will do the following –
➢ Hoovering all carpeted and hard floor areas
➢ Polishing all hard surfaces such as desks and shelves.
➢ Mopping all hard flooring including bathroom flooring.
➢ Fully cleaning bathroom including sinks mirrors and toilets.
➢ Dusting
➢ Emptying all bins
➢ Clean locker rooms
➢ Clean kitchen area
➢ Spot cleaning
➢ Cafeteria cleaning
➢ Staffroom cleaning
Ruby Cleaning offers free quotations for all of our office cleaning services, 100% customer satisfaction, and contracted cleaning. So if your after a professional cleaning company to keep your offices spotlessly clean then ring Ruby Cleaning as where happy to help and provide you with a brilliant service.