Flood Cleaning

When a flood happens this can be an extremely stressful time caused by burst water drains, heavy rainfall, overflowing seas and rivers, cracked baths or faulty or broken boilers, toilets, washing machines and dishwashers , but here at Ruby Cleaning we have professional flood cleaning equipment such as industrial wet vacs, industrial dehumidifiers  moisture meters, air movers and anti mould chemicals.
Important steps to follow if you have a flood –
➢ Switch all electricity and gas off at the mains
➢ After the water has been professionally removed try to keep the area ventilated by opening windows and doors
➢ Clean affected areas with anti mould and disinfectant to prevent the spreading of bacteria and germs caused by possible dirty water .Ruby Cleaning does this as part of our flood cleaning service.
➢ Monitor the drying progress. Ruby Cleaning can do this with our moisture meters as things can feel dry but still contain moisture.
➢ And ensure that for the next seven to ten days you continue the airflow to the affected rooms, not only to ensure everything is dry but to make sure that any mould spores or bacteria don’t have the chance settle on surfaces.
Getting floods professionally cleaned up is a good idea as bacteria and mould spores can cause serious harm to your health especially if you have allergies, asthma, a lowered immune system and if you are a younger are older person. Mould spores will also cause you health issues such as throat irritation, cough, respiratory issues such as tightening of the chest, wheezing and difficulty breathing, also skin, eyes and throat irritation are an outcome of exposure to mould spores. Studies have discovered that respiratory symptoms where in connection with coming into contact with water damaged homes as 30%-50% of chest issues are associated with mould from dampness in buildings. Fully understanding the seriousness of this you can ensure that Ruby Cleaning will do a in-depth job.