High Pressure Cleaning

Patios, driveways, garden furniture, decking, paving stones and block paving unfortunately quickly loose their new looking because of weather, oil spills, chewing gum, bird droppings, weeds, moss and fungi that need professional treatment. We can ensure this by using our high pressure jet wash, the jet wash is very powerful and may loosen sand in between driveways stones but we replace this with kiln dried sand and reseal leaving everything looking newer for longer.

Gutter Cleaning

Many people need to unnecessary replace there guttering because of dirt that can be easily cleaned by our professional team at Ruby Cleaning. Guttering can get clogged and break away by collecting things such as leaves, small animals, moss and dirty water. Also blockages leading to excess water that can freeze over in those winter months and crack the guttering. We have the best equipment for gutter cleaning including a reach and wash system and a gutter-vac hoover, these tools will ensure the best possible clean that leave your gutters working to their full potential. We go the extra mile and clean all the guttering afterwards with UPVC cleaning to give your guttering that extra shine!

Smoke Shelter Cleaning

We use our high pressure jet wash to fully clean smoking shelters leaving them sparkling. All smoking shelters need cleaning as they accumulate tar, smoke stains, nicotine and chewing gum but this isn’t a problem for the knowledgeable and experienced staff at Ruby Cleaning.

Steps and Exterior Stairways

Steps and exterior stairways may be the first thing people see when they approach your premises so keep them looking clean with Ruby Cleanings service as we use all the best techniques and equipment to make everything looking like new again. Because for clients and visitors those first impressions do matter! If surfaces because a hazard for slips and trips because of spillages and rubbish then this can become extremely dangerous, especially if the steps or stairway is used as a fire exit therefore your premises is not working in line with health and safety regulations and your putting others in danger. Steps and stairways can also become dirty with weather, chewing gum and bird droppings but here at Ruby Cleaning we have all your cleaning needs covered and even offer contracted cleans so you don’t have to worry about the build up of dirt and rubbish again. We will work to keep you in line with all health and safety regulations.

UPVC Cleaning

UPVC can be a hard job to tackle including conservatories, gutters, doors and around windows that can accumulate stubborn stains and dirt such as bird droppings, dead insects, mud, fungi, moss, atmospheric deposits , dust and other impurities. But Ruby Cleaning has all of the up to date chemicals and techniques to make your UPVC shine again. Not only will you receive a great service but a safe one too as all of our contractors are IPAF (International power access federation) trained and MEWP`S (Mobile elevating work platforms) trained.