Deep Cleaning Services North East

Deep Cleaning Services North East

Welcome to our deep cleaning page this is one of our many services that we specialise in here at Ruby Cleaning. We understand the importance of deep cleaning especially at times like these; we use only the best chemicals, cleaning equipment and techniques to eliminate airborne and surface germs, bacteria and viruses (including covid19). We have over 12 years of experience in the deep cleaning sector and have worked hard throughout the pandemic so we have a lot of experience in the important and meticulous job that we have to do. If you need your premises deep cleaned we are a very responsive and friendly business we also offer competitive pricing, free quotations, and
after-care advise. We cover the whole of the North East for out deep cleaning service and can tailor our service for each individual need.

What do we deep clean?

We clean all commercial premises such as – Restaurants , cafes , pubs, schools, colleges, universities, libraries, shops , cinemas, offices, soft play areas, doctor and dentist surgeries, hospitals, vet surgeries, factories, hotels and much more.
In your commercial premises we will deep clean the following -

* Ceilings
* Walls /tiles
* Skirting boards
* Floors (moping or the use of a carpet cleaner)
* Doors
* Door handles
* Light switches and lamp shades
* Windows
* Window frames
* Clean any fixtures and fittings such as fuse boxes, cupboard doors, inside cupboards, plug sockets and radiators.
* All appliances such as – hobs and grills, extractor fans, cooker hoods, extractor fans, microwaves, inside oven and oven door, fridge and freezers ( including all seals) , fryers, dishwashers( including seals) , toasters, kettles, table and chairs.
* We also offer an outdoor deep cleaning service as we have a high pressure cleaning machine that can have your outdoor commercial area looking brand new, we can use our pressure washing machine on concrete, decking, paving stones and brickwork.

Why is deep cleaning important?

Deep cleaning in extremely important for any commercial building because keeping you premises
clean will have the following positive effects –

* A more positive and welcoming environment for customers /patients and staff. A clean and tidy working environment for staff will have a positive impact as it will make them feel more motivated, happy and safe knowing that they have a tidy and clean place to work.
* A reduced risk of any hazards such as trips falls, falling objects, slips, sprains, broken bones and burns. A deep clean by a professional will also reduce your risk of chemical burns as harsh chemicals used by staff won’t be necessary when you have regular deep cleans.
* Reduction of germs, bacteria and viruses that stops the spread of cross contamination.
* Good impression on customers that will lead to recommendations to others and positive
* Reduces the risk of unwanted pests such as rats and mice which carry nasty diseases and viruses.
* Reduction in the chance of fire , if you leave a extraction system dirty and have a busy kitchen you are massively increasing your risk of a kitchen fire, as carbon if left can catch fire, this build up of grease and carbon will also stop the extractor fan from working as it should leaving you with a working environment that will be too hot , not to mention airborne bacteria’s , viruses and smoke that will circulate throughout the air , making for a poor
working environment and an increase in staff illness.
* Especially if you have a commercial premises with a kitchen it is paramount that you have regular deep cleans as this is your responsibility in order to comply with the Food and Safety Act and the Food Hygiene Legislation, as a professional cleaning company we do a very meticulous and tailored clean to ensure your kitchen is in line with this and your will also receive a TR19 certificate.

Thank you for visiting our deep cleaning page, ring us today for your free deep cleaning quotation or click here.