Commercial cleaning

Here at Ruby Cleaning we offer outstanding commercial cleaning services , whether your acquiring daily, weekly , monthly or even a one off clean we have you covered with our affordable and professional cleaning contracts , our cleaning contracts also include arrangements for companies with multiple locations.

Ruby Cleaning offers commercial cleaning for building such as -

Play areas
Retirement homes
Doctors surgeries
Waiting areas
Places of worship

Why choose Ruby Cleaning for your commercial cleaning needs?

Ruby Cleaning prides itself on 100% customer satisfaction.

All of the staff here at Ruby Cleaning are frequently trained with all of the newest equipment and chemicals to ensure the best possible results for every job , which in turn will prolong the life of all equipment and upholstery , which will save the company money and make sure the surroundings and equipment are sanitary.

Ruby Cleaning understands how paramount their regular professional cleaning service is as not only is a clean working environment mandatory by law but thorough cleaning ensures the reduction of cross-contamination in your workplace as some viruses and germs can live on surfaces for up to 72 hours , in this time frame many employees can be infected leading to multiple illnesses and a large reduction in employees been able to work.

In order to stop cross-contamination of germs , bacteria and viruses we disinfect all most frequently handled areas such as –doors and door handles, light switches, phones, desks, tables, benches, keyboards, and other work equipment. As part of our commercial cleaning service we also – clean toilets, sinks, mirrors, tiles, mop and vacuum floors (including entrances and corridors), clean windows, empty all waste bins, clean walls, and dust and clean shelves and light fixtures , all of our cleaning chemicals kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses.

All of our staff wear the appropriate PPE for each cleaning task carried out.
Also with of wide range of cleaning knowledge and ability we can also offer your commercial building the following services – exterior and interior window cleaning which can be arranged on a daily, weekly, monthly or one off basis , deep cleaning , carpet and upholstery cleaning, high level cleaning, builders cleaning and fire, smoke or water damage cleaning.

Why is commercial cleaning important ?

Keeps a clean, tidy and sanitary cleaning environment.
Ensure a good impression to possible clients.
Increases productivity amongst employee.
No mess will allow employees to get on with designated duties.
Reduces employee’s absences due to sickness, trips and slips, will also reducing this happening to any clients.
A positive reflection on the business and the brand image of the organization.
Decreasing the spread of disease.
Reduces the need to repair, renew and renovate equipment and upholstery.
To ensure deeper allergens, dirt, and pathogens don’t stay in building furniture , curtains, blinds, and carpets and other upholstery leading to smell, possible renewal and cross-contamination.

Commercial Cleaning